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We moved to our farm almost 11 years ago.   We had assumed our kids would continue in the private school they had all entered as baby Kindergartners.   When we realized that it didn't meet the needs of the boys, we pulled them out to homeschool.   The girlie graduated and did just fine where she was - we just did what was best for each kid.

So, now you know I am a homeschool mom.   I chose this.    Well, honestly, I felt God telling me, me telling Him that He was wrong, and me learning He actually knew what He was talking about.   Anyway, I knew this is what I was supposed to do.  That didn't make it easy.  Kind of like parenting - hardest thing you will ever choose to do.

I was so excited that first summer before we started.  I had such grand plans - I had visited all the successful homeschool mom blogs and it looked easy enough.  Color coded folders, rolling drawer sets, compliant children.  Easy.   Bless my heart.

And then it wasn't.   These 2 boys didn't jump to at…

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