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January is Over... Bring on February

I see quite a few memes talking about how we made it through the year of January.   January did not feel long to me.   It has felt like an opportunity to get myself worked out in some areas.   It has felt like a warm blanket, hunkering down at home.

Operation Kicking FB to the Curb is going swimmingly after an initial rough patch.   Do not gloss over articles which talk about how Social Media is designed to give you dopamine hits to keep you coming back.   They are not joking.   And bless the last child's heart, his Social Media will be curtailed as much as I am able to do so.   Our children are literally a science experiment regarding technology and what it does to developing brains.   The TV's we were raised with are nothing compared to what our kids deal with today.

I do not feel as "itchy" as I did at the beginning of the year.   It took awhile to feel comfortable in my own skin sometimes.   Creepy.   I also have found I think better, clearer, longer, than I did …

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